Planibel K Glass

High performance thermal insulating low-emissivity glass, with a very thin transparent heat-reflecting hard metal oxide coating sprayed at a temperature of +/- 600C on the float glass ribbon as it leaves the furnace.

The coating, which penetrates into the glass surface, is remarkably strong and durable. Planibel K Glass can be used in single panes, but is generally assembled into high performance thermal insulating double glazing, with the coating located at position 3 (on the inner glass pane, inside the double glazing).

Reduction of energy losses: important heat savings, lower heating bills and less environmental pollution. Thermal comfort: no ‘cold wall’ effect inside the room. High light transmission and transparency. Low light reflection. Neutral appearance. Very high solar factor: inflow of free solar heat. Exceptionally resistant coating. Can be stored, handled, cut and assembled like ordinary float glass (with normal precautions for hard coated glass). Can be toughened, heat strengthened and laminated. No need to strip the coating at the edges before assembly into double glazing. Excellent ratio price/performances. Available in Jumbo sizes (600 x 321 cm). Standard thicknesses 4 and 6 mm. The ideal low-e glass for glass processors.

Planibel K Glass is te gebruiken voor:

All types of houses and buildings. Combinations in one and the same double glazing with acoustic glass, solar control glass, safety and security glass, decorative patterned glass.

Technische specificaties Planibel K Glass:

U-value 3,8 W/m2.K (4 mm single glass). U-value in double glazing from 1,9 (4-12-4 mm air filled) down to 1,5 W/m2.K (4-15-4 mm gas filled). Solar factor 76 % in single glass and 74 % in double glazing. Light transmission 83 % in single glass and 75 % in double glazing. Light reflection single glass: 10 % non coated side 11 % coated side. Light reflection in double glazing (4-12-4 mm): 17 %.