Pyrobel 12

Multi-laminated glass assembled with clear intumescent interlayers.

In case of fire, the interlayers expand at around 120C and transform into a rigid and opaque fire shield, which enables the glazing to meet the integrity and insulation criteria, according to several European regulations (ISO 834, BS 476, NBN 713020, NEN 6069, AM 21/04/83, Circ. 91 – UNI 9723, …).

Clear glass that provides distortion-free vision. Excellent sound reduction properties. Available in special compositions incorporating other Glaverbel products such as solar control, low emissivity, patterned or tinted glass. Available incorporated into burglar-proof and bullet-resistant glass according to specifications. Available in large sizes. Very short delivery time (from factory or from our accredited Pyrobel stockists). Can be easily fitted into most fire screens and doors (wood and iron).

Pyrobel 12 is te gebruiken voor:

Hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, stores, shopping centres, office buildings, computer rooms, industrial buildings, warehouses, laboratories, airports, etc.

Technische specificaties Pyrobel 12:

k-waarde (U-waarde) in dubbele beglazing terug tot 1,1 W/m2.K (Thermoplus Starlite N 4-15-4 mm gasvulsel). Zontoetredingsfactor in dubbele beglazing 64 % (4 mm enkel glas: 65 %). Lichtdoorlaat in dubbele beglazing 79 % (4 mm enkel glas: 87 %). Lichtreflectie in dubbele beglazing 13 %.